Forget IQ. AQ is here

Forget IQ. AQ is here

Adaptability Quotient

Flexibility and resilience seem to be the necessary supplies, especially in a strange global economy like today's, where the only constant is change!

As I described in my talk on "The Intelligence of Adaptability and the Skills That Help Women Succeed in Business" at the "Innovative Women's Entrepreneurship and Best Practices" Conference of the Region of Crete, adaptability is a survival quality of all living organisms. After all, Darwin's position is well known that the beings that will survive in periods of change will not be the strongest but the most adaptable to change. The speed of changes in modern society makes the adaptability index (AQ: adaptability quotient) more valuable than the intelligence index (IQ: intelligence quotient) and the emotional intelligence index (EQ: emotional quotient).

The woman knows firsthand that things often don't go the way you expect or plan. This fact makes her ready for war. He is comfortable with the unknown and has learned to adapt without wasting time. He finds opportunity in failure, works in original ways. Uses new tools and methods. The woman has the opportunity to try new inventive fields by seeing the forest and not the tree and to envision the future of society that her children and grandchildren will live in. Faced with the "career or family" dilemma today, women choose both. It responds well to all roles, stands out and stands out. By always being in action, it is fortunate to avoid long periods of inactivity that burden adaptation to change.

Gifted by nature, the woman can make a decisive contribution to the development of a business by utilizing skills (soft skills) that she has acquired within the family, through motherhood and the delicate balances that she is constantly asked to maintain in a large or single-parent family.

It deals with the issues that arise in a different and optimistic way, applying a flexible management style, whether it is a sole proprietorship or a large company, employing logic, empathy, the appropriate perspective that helps it to innovate and differentiate itself in the market. Multi-tasking, which stands out as a model in times of crisis, fits the multi-dimensional female hand like a glove.

In a financial disaster, a job change, and a professional setback, the woman buckles up, rolls up her sleeves, and puts her head down, displaying tremendous psycho-emotional intelligence and courage that helps her respond to the new reality that emerges.

The opportunities given to women in recent decades to actively participate in politics, education, work, economic emancipation have sharpened her inspiration and creativity. "The effect of the modern lifestyle on the brain of women is just beginning to be perceived" as stated by the American psychologist James Flynn, a world authority on the investigation of human intelligence.