A Business Administration and European Culture graduate, with a Masters Degree in Marketing, I returned after years of study and work abroad to apply good business practices in my homeland. Unfortunately, the financial crisis of 2012 combined with my employers' failure, afforded me this challenge to be adaptable and creative. Believing in myself, I started my own Marketing Consulting Business in 2015. At the same time I designed CHIC GREEK GIFTS, a luxurious Greek corporate gifts collection.

Growing up in a family where business was appreciated, I learned that success involves some risk. My grandfather, from Myrtia, the birth-place of Captain Michalis (Kazantzakis' father), taught me the love for local products. Τhe passion for life Ι got from my grandmother from Asia Minor.

Love what you do.
Every step ahead is a blessing, no matter how successful or unsuccessful it is.
Reach what you cannot!
We are all full of energy reserves.
The most valuable skill is adaptability.
Life is short and we only live once.

Being a consultant in marketing, made me realize that my ideas gave value to businesses and helped them grow. As a matter of fact, a simple request for a logo evolves into a full Project that opens like a fan with prospects for my client.

Short CV
Entrepreneurial Woman
I happily volunteer at the Cretan Women in Business Association, educating and networking with women, craftsmen and cottage industry farmers who wish to turn their passion into a viable business. I have an expertise in Social Cooperative Enterprises. Every single day I think of new ways to apply innovative business ideas. I am constantly learning to improve myself with the NLP Systemic Psychology method. My role model is the Minoan Woman who devoted time to herself, paid attention to her appearance and was in touch with nature, trade and the arts.
My three children are my strictest judges and the reason I want to get better every day. My philosophy in their upbringing is to empower them to spread their wings. From their early years I got them acquainted with volunteering and travelling, as I strongly believe that the world is the wisest book ever.